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Athletic Shoes - How to dry wet athletic shoes:

I used to place the kids athletic shoes in the dryer. We didn't have a rack, so I remember the sound of them bouncing around in the dryer. Sometimes I would through a towel in just to soften the blow!

Finally many years later, one of the football moms told me to place crumbled up newspapers or magazines and place them into the shoes to leave overnight. The paper absorbs the water and removes most of the moisture from the shoes.

Car Carpet Stains- How to remove stains out of your car carpet and cloth upholstery.

My husband found a great way to remove coffee stains and other stains from the carpet in is car and the cloth upholstery. You simply use ammonia and water or even Windex. You don't have to buy the expensive products anymore.

Gum - How to get gum out of your hair:

Ok I have to admit...I cut my daughter's hair when she got gum in it when she was a toddler. You don't have to...try using something that has oil in it such as peanut butter, mayonnaise or just plain vegetable oil. Peanut butter seems to work especially good because of the oil in it, but it is also gritty to help the gum out.

Rust - How to remove rust stains:

Our family loves a product called, Whink. You can find it at stores like Wal-Mart and Amazon. This liquid product takes rust out of so many things. I have used it for removing rust from clothes. Also, we have used it for removing rust from the tile on our outdoor patio in which our wrought iron furniture left rust stains. We poured it right on the tile stain, let it sit for a few minutes and watched it disappear.
Bath & Toilet Rust Stains: The Whink bottle says you can use it on white sinks and white toilet bowls, but we haven't tried that yet. However, the customer reviews (high 5 star rating) on Amazon state that it works great for sink, bath and toilet stains. We used a pumice stone for the toilet stain once and it worked great also. So if your bathroom facilities are not white, you could try the pumice stone. You may already have one in your house that you can use.



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