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Time to Save you Money!

You will be able to save your family hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars year after year from the tips on our website. We are sharing what we have learned to help you save money.

We have included stores in which we have linked to their weekly ads and promotions. You can print off in-store coupons through these links. So click through some of your favorite stores to the left and see what we are talking about.

SUPER SAVER TIP:  Before you head out the door to go shopping or make any purchases online....STOP!  Be sure to check online for either a promotion code for your online purchase or a printable coupon for your in-store purchase.

As an example:  I knew that I was going to spend over $100 at a local Sports Authority one day. So I typed in "Sports Authority Printable Coupon" into Google and was able to find a $25 printable coupon. It took me two minutes to find....that is it!  I printed it off and saved $25! Not bad for a couple minutes of work. 

Please note:  Not all promotion codes are valid and not all printable coupons are accepted. So there is that risk. However, most likely you will be more successful than not.

Read on for some more helpful shopping tips. Happy Shopping and Saving!

Money Saving Tips

Internet Coupons

If you haven't used the coupons that you find on the internet, you are missing out on saving your family a lot of money per year! The internet provides many coupons for grocery stores, retail stores and online purchases at some of your favorite stores.  

There are two types of coupons that you will find on the internet, Printable Coupons and Paperless Coupons:

Printable Coupons (In-store Shopping):

These coupons are printed on your printer and then taken to your local store for the discount, just like the coupons you find in the newspaper.
Printing the coupons: When you select the coupon(s) to print, some websites will print automatically to your default printer without any prompts. However, some websites require you  to install a "Coupon Printer" or "Coupon Activator" first.   Typically, once you install the coupon printer for the first time, you may not have to install it again.  I personally installed my coupon printer from because they are one of the largest coupon websites out there and I have found them to be a trusted source.

Important:  Be sure to avoid downloading and installing just any software from random websites, whether it is a coupon website or any other website for that matter. Ensure that it is a reputable company. You will run into the risk of downloading viruses if you are not cautious. Trust me, my husband owns a computer consulting company, and he sees it time and time again.

Paperless Coupons (On-line Shopping):

No need to print these coupons out since you are making your purchase online.  You will simply enter the promotion code during your checkout  to get your discount. Typically, you will see a promotion code box to enter the code into.

SUPER SAVER TIP:  Anytime during checkout you see a promotion code box...STOP!  Search online to see if you can find a promotion code. That box is there for a reason...somewhere there could be an active promotion code or it could already be expired ...BUMMER!  If you find an active code, most likely you will be able save on shipping or save some kind of discount percentage.

Coupon Websites:
Red Plum
Box Tops for Education
Eat Better America
A Full Cup
Proctor and Gamble (P&G)


SUPER SAVER TIP:  If you have any favorite stores that you shop at regularly, sign up to receive their emails. Most likely you will receive emails on a regular basis, at a minimum weekly typically. However, you are included in their savings. I had set up a separate gmail account just for my favorite store emails. So before I go shopping, I check there to see if there are any coupons or specials in my gmail. Remember, you can always unsubscribe at any time.


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