Back to the Dinner Table

Our recipes are recipes that have been kitchen tested and Sloan family approved. They have to be "keepers", meaning the majority of the family had to like the recipe. Sometimes our family can be difficult to please. Can't tell you how many flops we have had over the years, even when we were so confident is was going to be delicious!  So we decided to create a collection of our family approved recipes to pass down to our children and to their children and to share with anyone who is willing to try our family recipes.

Our collection are recipes that I have been creating and collecting for over 20 years. Many have been given to me from friends and family, and have been passed down from generation to generation. Many are classics that have been around for decades. Some are from cookbooks, clippings from newspapers, magazines and the internet. If I know the source of the recipe, I will include it. However, there are recipes that I just don't remember where I got it from because of how old our collection is.

We have simplified the directions to make them easy to follow and will include tips to assist you. We will have many basic and simple recipes which is included in our series of simply recipes. Sometimes it doesn't take ten ingredients to make it good. Just a few ingredients can make a wonderful recipe. You can always add to it to make it your own if you like. But when you are raising a family, the simpler it is, the better.

Over the years, my family has been so supportive of my "experiments". Well...except for one in particular. I had made a Greek dish with cottage cheese, spinach and phyllo dough. My husband said it was "the nastiest thing he ever tasted"! Nonetheless, my husband will not eat anything with phyllo dough in it. I am sorry honey!!!!

So, our collection will only have the recipes that are "keepers" in our family. Of course, everyone has different tastes. However, our hope is that you will find a lot of keepers here!  But more importantly, we really hope that our recipes and tips will help more families come Back to the Dinner Table!


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