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Not only can you find specials in their online Weekly Ad, you can also find Publix Instore Coupons and Buy 1 get 1 Frees:

Publix Instore Coupons - While you are in the weekly online ad, look for the tab labled "Coupons". The coupons found in this tab represent Publix own instore coupons. Most of the time you can stack these on top of the manufacturer coupons.

Buy 1 get 1 Free (BOGO's) - In the weekly online ad, they even have a tab for Buy 1 get 1 Free or in coupon lingo, BOGO's. Add them to your online shopping list. It can't be any easier than that to save!!!!!!!

Printable Shopping List - this is a great feature if you want to list out the specials so you don't forget to purchase them while shopping.

*** Please note: When you access the Weekly Ad online, you may be required to enter your zipcode for the store nearest you. Be sure you have selected the proper store that you plan on shopping at!  Different stores may have different savings.

PUBLIX SAVINGS MADE EASY: - This website highlights the weekly savings for you to make the savings even easier for you to find.

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