Marshmallow Creme Fruit Dip

1There are a couple of reasons why I love this fruit dip. First, it goes practically with all fruit. Second, it is so easy! Just two ingredients says it all!


  • 1 7 oz jar marshmallow cream
  • 1 8oz pkg cream cheese, softened


  1. In a mixing bowl, blend the ingredients until fluffy.
  2. Serve or chill until serving.


- None


- None


This recipe is perfect as is! However, you can experiment by adding different flavors such as:

- Add a tbs of strawberry Jell-O powder to make it pink and flavor it with strawberry.

- Use strawberry cream cheese instead of plain.

- Add a tsp of almond extract.

- Add 2 tbs orange juice.

- Add some chocolate syrup to make a chocolate version.

- Add 1/2 canned pumpkin, 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon and 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg for a pumpkin flavored dip.

- Add a small container of frozen whipped cream that has been thawed to make it fluffier.


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